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This web-site represents plywood produced by LLC „Kostopil plywood plant” (Kostopil, Rivne region) and LLC „Yazm” (Lviv) – recognized leaders at the plywood market in Ukraine (their share in the market is about 45 %).

The properties of the presented plywood such as high mechanical durability, small weight, ease of processing, conformity to eco norms and attractive external appearance make this plywood irreplaceable in mechanical engineering, building, shipbuilding, furniture manufacture, packing, accomplishment of interiors and other areas.

Plywood of these Ukrainian producers is ideal material for making of various types of furniture both for an office and for home. And due to insignificant emission of formaldehyde (emission class Е1) it also meets the requirements for making of furniture for kids.

An assortment and quality of the products are able to satisfy the requirements of the most exacting customers.


So, why it is advantageous to choose plywood produced by LLC „Yasm” та LLC „Kostopil plywood plant” ? Because of:

• Optimal price/quality range

• Ecological compatibility

• Wide range of thicknesses

• High qualification and skills of personal of the factories

• Ukrainian market leadership